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We create meaningful and lasting business relationships.

The Summit Team is part of Endeavor Business Media, one of North America's largest business-to-business media companies whose mission is to deliver the highest quality content in the markets we serve. From in-person and virtual events to monthly magazines, Endeavor Business Media provides 360 degree resources for industry leaders to remain knowledgeable and relevant.

Our proprietary Summit format is unique to the events that we host. We focus exclusively on small group discussions and active participation, providing exceptional opportunities for attendees to connect and establish productive business relationships. Since the launch of our first Summit in 2013, we have expanded significantly to include more than a dozen events across many industries.
Click any event below to learn more: 

The OR Leadership Summit
The IP Directors Summit
The Lab Directors Summit
The EMS Summit
The Fire Chiefs Summit
The Public Works Summit
The Waste Haulers Summit
The Trucking Summit
The Parks and Recreation Summit
The Transit Bus Summit
Higher Ed Summit
School Bus Summit
The Wastewater Summit
Industrial Automation Summit
The Roads and Bridges Summit

Hosted in partnership with Healthcare Purchasing News, the Summit aims to provide participants with information on the latest advancements in the medical laboratory industry.

We create meaningful and lasting business relationships.​

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